2. October, 2020

Some preliminary results from the Finnish forest owner’s questionnaire survey done in part of Smallwood work package 3 were presented in the scientific conference “IUFRO WG 5.10.00 & Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics (SSFE)”.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the joint IUFRO 5.10.00 Forest Products Marketing and Business Management Conference and the Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics (SSFE) Biennial Meeting was transformed to an online event instead planned meeting in Lehmonkärki resort in Finland. The University of Eastern Finland, University of Helsinki, and Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) hosted the meeting on Zoom online platform on September 28 – 30 2020. The joint online meeting had a total of 131 registrants, representing 24 countries. Presentation, titled “Finnish forest owners’ perceptions of sustainable management of small-diameter stands” was given by Early Stage Researcher Satu Helenius from the University of Eastern Finland, School of Forest Sciences. The abstract of the presentation can be accessed in a published book of conference proceedings.

Related News

15. October 2021

Demonstration event in Spain

A field event took place in Spain last September 2021 after 2 years of delay due to the pandemic. This Smallwood  demonstration day was founded by ERA-Net ForestValue program where the Spanish Department of Science and Innovation is the domestic funder.

10. September 2021

Demonstration of multi-tree harvesting technology and boom-corridor thinning technique in oak-coppice

Spanish partner is organizing a workshop and hands-on demonstration aimed at promoting machine thinning in the younger forest stands and demonstration of as pecialc ollecting harvesting head- Bracke (C16.c).

30. April 2021

Evaluation of forest biomass collection from systematic mulching with Retrabio on young and dense stands in Spain

The forest fire danger potential is expected to increase due to a warmer climate on the Mediterranean region. On the other hand, an increase in biomass demand is expected in a growing bioeconomy.

26. April 2021

Evaluation and comparison of forest biomass collection from systematic mulching with Biobaler WB55 on post-fire pine regeneration in Spain

A systematic mulching has been studied in two plain sites (11.4 ha) dominated by Pinus pinaster Ait. regeneration after a severe 2012 wildfire in Northwest of Spain.

22. April 2021

Family Forest Owners’ Perception of Management and Thinning Operations in Young Dense Forests: A Survey from Sweden

This work was conducted as a Master Thesis project at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) by David Bengtsson, now graduated Jägmästare (“forest engineering”).