12. November, 2020

Conference will be on 7th of December 2020, we will present to you preliminary results from case studies in the SMALLWOOD project.

SMALLWOOD partnership has the pleasure of inviting researchers, forest professionals, forest operators, and other forest sector experts to a joint virtual conference on 7th of December 2020.
The conference aims to:
– present preliminary results of SMALLWOOD project (www.smallwood.eu)
– present field studies done in Sweden, Finland, Slovenia and Spain
– present an innovative boom tip mounted felling head in different types of thinning and two working methods
– present preliminary results of productivity studies done in the small diameter stands
– present preliminary results about damages on the remaining stand.

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10. March 2021

Evaluation and Comparison of Fully Mechanized Thinning Techniques: Slovenian Case Study

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3. February 2021

Future benefits and household use feature Finnish forest owners’ perceptions of young forest stands

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22. December 2020

Smallwood project presented in ForestValue newsletter

In ForestValue Newsletter #6, December 2020, Smallwood project has been presented.

18. December 2020

Successful smallwood conference

On Monday, 7th of December 29, 2020, partners of SMALLWOOD project organized an international web conference entitled ” Productivity in small tree thinning operations”.

3. November 2020

Family Forest Owners’ Perception of Management and Thinning Operations in Young Dense Forests

Survey from Sweden