22. August, 2019

Bracke C16.c is an accumulating felling head for silviculture and biomass applications. It has unique, patented circular saw disc on which a ¾” saw chain is installed.

The disc’s design always keeps the chain tensioned. It has a hydraulic piston engine. Felling head can be attached to harvesters, forwarders, and other machines equipped with a boom or crane. It is suited for mechanized felling, such as in sapling clearing, thinning, corridor clearing, crane corridor thinning and clearing along roadsides, fields and power lines. It can be used for cutting small diameter trees – up to 260 mm in diameter.

Technical specifications

Base machineHarvesters, forwarders, excavators and other machines equipped with a boom or crane
Weight625 kg
Diameter795 mm
Capacity260 mm
Saw chain3/4″
Hydraulic requirements
Pressure170 bar
Flow140 l/min
Electrical system
Power24 V
Control systemPCL based

Source text and photo: Bracke Forest (https://www.brackeforest.com/products/felling-heads)

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8. November 2019

Demonstration of boom corridor thinning with Bracke C16 head

Joensuu, 31th October 2019 The demonstration was done about 60 km north of Joensuu in North Karelia, Finland. It was done in two young dense stands with heights between 8-10 and 12-15 meters, and large amounts of biomass per ha.

14. October 2019

Demonstration workshop in Bräcke (Sweden)

Demonstration of technology and methods for effective biomass harvesting in young dense first thinning stands October 3rd 2019, Bräcke, Jämtland, Sweden

23. August 2019

Kick off meeting

In the first week of April, all project partners gathered in Sweden in Umea. The purpose of the Kick off meeting was to coordinate the first working tasks of the project.